About us


Welcome to Omer Al- Marwani " Auditing & Accounting, one of the most professional office in Qatar in Financial Services. we're dedicated to giving you the very best of Financial Services, with a focus on, Financial Audit services, Tax, advisory, and Bookkeeping.

Omer Al- Marwani " Auditing & Accounting Founded in 2012 by Omer Al Marwani, and other professional Auditors, "Omer Al- Marwani Auditing & Accounting"

has come a long way from its beginnings in a starting Doha, when founder first started out, his passion for Financial Services and Business Consultancy and helping our clients to know more about their Business through our services

By hiring and selecting the best members in the field of Financial Service and to join our office to put their professional fingerprint in any service we offer to our clients.

Our Vision

To be the first choice in the field of Auditing, Financial & business consulting in Qatar and

Our Mission

Giving Our Clients, stakeholder, shareholders, more Facts about their Business Results.
better, Faster with Accuracy and Integrity.

We offer a wide range of financial services for example but not limit to

  • Audit & Assurance

  • Financial Advisory

  • Feasibility studies & project Evaluation

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Tax Services

  • Business Consultancy

  • Forensic Audit

we serve the above services in the different fields. for example

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. hoping to be your first choice in the field of Auditing, Financial & business consulting

  • Arts, & media

  • Agriculture

  • Real estate & construction

  • Automotive

  • Food & Beverage

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial sector

  • Education

  • Hotels &hospitality

  • Charities and not for profit

  • Transport and logistics

  • Technology

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

  • Shipping

  • Public sector and government

  • NGO’s

Core Values


Honesty and transparency are one of the most important values held our team. We strictly follow an honest business ethos with every stakeholder.


The way our team works internally reflects on the way we work with our clients.


Sensitive business data is stored securely to ensure your information remains strictly private. Our team is bound by confidentiality policies.


Modern business must move with the times – any innovative business would agree with this! We engage the best of breed systems and methods including secure cloud-based facilities to better handle client data,

Personal development

Continuing education keeps our team progressive, and ensures they stay on top of best practice, new regulation, and the law generally. We encourage and support our team to complete CPA and CA studies and other professional studies!


Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. Model principled behavior and sound business ethics. Earn the trust of others through consistency of actions with stated values and commitments.

Why choose Omer Al-Marwani- Auditing & Accounting


Omer is structured into four tiers – Directors, Business Consultants, Financial accountants, financial planners and support team. Each member of our team provides a key role in ensuring well delivery not only the best advice but solid and dependable customer service, too.

Fair Fees

Although the price is not the main benchmark when you choose your Business Accountant But it is important to choose a business accountant who offers fair pricing like our fair pricing system


More than 30 Years is Our Team accumulated Experience in Financial Services and Business Advisory, in addition to a dedicated team adds up to a lot of valuable experience to your Business. also, the diversity of our team experience ensures we are a good fit with different fields and various clients Activity


We know that we’re more than just accountants to our clients, we work closely with our clients to go deeper than the numbers, providing strategies and solutions that meet your Business needs.

Services Diversity

More than just accountants, Omer Al-Marwani- Auditing & Accounting is made up of a diverse team spanning a wide variety of skills and services including financial planning, Tax services, Advisory and more.


We develop deep and long-lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders.